The 90s X-Men Intro in Stop Motion: Pure Nerd Bliss

Whatever you're doing, just stop. The best cartoon of the early 90s—the X-Men, obviously—has gotten a stop-motion treatment that belongs in some sort of kitschy, bizarro-universe Louvre. This. Is. Awesome.


It was also an overwhelming endeavor; it took director Kyle Roberts two months of rotoscoping and animating over 4,000 pictures to get the perfect facsimile. Not to mention the 60 background images his collaborator, Nathan Poppe, had to draw from scratch.

The most impressive feat, though? Tracking a Jubilee action figure in 2012. [Buzzfeed]

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That was amazing. Love the ending too. But best cartoon of the 90's? Better than The Tick or Home Movies? I can't go there with you...