The AI Effects Team Controlled This Robo-Puppet While Buried Alive

AI had its narrative problems, sure. But it didn't have a problem with the awesomeness of its practical effects, specifically the awesomeness of this fully kinetic, crippled android puppet. It's so good that the robo-carnage is almost disturbing.

This behind the scenes footage come from our friends at Stan Winston School, who put a few of the puppet's operators in front of the mic to explain the whole experience. If operating a giant robo-puppet wasn't enough, the final shoot actually involved burying the operators alive.

Sometimes you've gotta go the distance for badass practical effects. And man, it's lookin' worth it.

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I wanted to like this movie but just couldn't. It was mean-spirited and badly structured, and the ending was a train wreck. The only character I cared about was Teddy; he was smart, practical and loyal to the very end. I'd give a lot for a real one.