The Alternative to the iPhone Pro

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Knowing that it is unlikely that Apple would ever release an iPhone Pro with physical keyboard, Mat Brady from planetmat has sent me another image of a potential accessory. It looks great.

Mat says that he created the accessory answering readers' feedback on sliding keyboards.

The slide-out keyboard has generated the most response from any of my suggested features. The general consensus stands firm on two opposing viewpoints:

1. Most people would prefer to have an optional slide-out keyboard,
2. but don't believe Apple will ever "go backwards" and release anything like this.

In response to one comment (Mike) I have created what might be an answer to a third-party product which could solve this dilemma.


Actually, not a bad idea at all. It would be even cooler if, instead of being a third-party accessory, Apple actually released a modular iPhone, one that could admit different accessories like these but without the added bulk of building them around the original design. [Planetmat-Thanks Mat]

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It would be a fine add on for those who are incapable of using a touchscreen and still desire an iPhone. I not only doubt that Apple would make a slider in the near future but I actually prefer the iPhone to retain its current form factor as the software continues to mature.