The Armstar Gauntlet Could Have Been Made by Wayne Enterprises

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Looking for more functionality from your body armor? This Kevlar gauntlet packs enough gadgetry to make Batman proud—and by proud, I mean envious.

The Armstar is the brainchild of Dave Brown and was originally developed in response to a string of mountain lion attacks near his Southern California home. The Armstar incorporates a 300,000-volt arc device for stunning assailants, 720p video camera, flash light, and even an iphone dock (though I'm not entirely sure why) into its tough Kevlar frame. A rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack provides power for the menagerie of gadgets. No price is given and there's a minimum order of ten gauntlets, do you'll either need the rest of your posse to throw in or grow a bunch of extra left arms. [Armstar via Cult of Mac]