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The Avatars of Ready Player One Invade Classic Movie Posters of the Past

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In the world of Ready Player One, pop culture homage is everything—sometimes to a fault, depending on who you talk to. But Warner Bros. is leaning into that with its marketing for the film. Case in point, the studio has recreated a collection of classic movie posters for the film, using the characters’ avatars instead of the actors in the artwork.

These range from cool to creepy, and we’ll let you be the jury when it comes to which.


Some of these work really well. Others? Not so much. But I do like how even the taglines were changed to relate back to Ready Player One. It’s a small detail, but something that could’ve easily been ignored.

Do all of these movies appear in Ready Player One? Or is this just a random collection of well-loved movie poster iconography from the 1980s VHS pile? We’ll find out March 29.