The Bamboo Water Bottle's Secret Ingredient Is Way Better than Bamboo

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Bamboo bamboo bamboo. I get it. It's written on this damn bottle four times. I know, it's gonna save the world. I'm not against bamboo, but I'd rather focus on a far more important component of this water bottle: air.


Between the Leed-ready bamboo shell and the deliciously nonporous glass liner is a layer of air. The great insulator. And the shit works as advertised. On a steamy NYC day, I still had traces of ice cubes jingling around in there after 2 hours. Also, the bottle comes apart in a jiff, and every layer except the bamboo is dishwasher safe. Nobody likes a manky water bottle.



Glass. Bamboo. Tough plastic. All screwed together. Shit is heavy. And if you drop it? Ten bucks says that glass sleeve is gonna break, rubberized bottom and cushioning ring be damned. Pet peeve alert: The top takes a full 360-degree rotation to unscrew. It may seem like a little thing, but when you're fussin' with your packages/driving/dying of thirst, that's annoying. Simple solution, though: Make the threads coarser and steeper. Maybe in the next version. I'd buy that.

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