The BBC Will Launch a U.S. Video Subscription Service in 2016

In another addition to the growing trend of dumping live TV on the internet, the BBC will be joining the fray by launching its own over-the-top (OTT) subscription service in the U.S. next year. This hopefully means another avenue for watching DOCTOR WHO!

...among other sterling British program of which there are several examples. Unfortunately, the details are a little light. Reuters reports that BBC’s director general Tony Hall confirmed the plans during an industry convention in Cambridge. What was unfortunately absent from that exciting announcement was an expected launch date, price, or even what the name of the thing will be, so we can’t exactly sure what this service will look like exactly. But I’ve always inexplicably loved British TV so this is all-around exciting.


The move comes as the British government is preparing to review the budget spent on the BBC, so the studio may be exploring other revenue streams to bolster a potential fiscal deficit in 2016. Either way, Doctor Who. My place. Grab your sonic screwdrivers. [Reuters]

Update: Reuters originally reported Doctor Who would be among the shows on the service, and has since corrected that statement. It’s most likely our favorite space-and-time-faring adventure may not be packed into this particular service since BBC America and AMC have a Whovian pact of sorts. We’ll see when we eventually get more details.

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