The Best (And Worst) Texting Scenes in TV and Movies

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Text messaging is new enough that movies and TV shows haven't landed on a consistent way to show viewers what their characters are saying. Done incorrectly, an on-screen text session can look immediately dated or weird. But with the right visuals, the effect can be sublime, as Every Frame A Painting shows us.

Tony Zhou edited and narrated this five-minute look into the myriad ways motion pictures depict texting, and it's absolutely fascinating. Just look at the huge changes in visuals that have occurred over less than a decade. What's your favorite film form of texting? Tell us in the comment section below.

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As a film major, I gotta agree with Tony Zhou. Sherlock Holmes has the best texting scenes I've ever seen in movie and TV. The only other thing that comes close, from the video, is Scott Pilgrim's since it's used as a transition. Even if there was a phone on screen, I think under the right circumstances it would be okay if used cleverly.