The Best Android Apps of the Week: The World Didn't End (Yet)

Ashley's out this week, so you're stuck with me for your apps coverage. Did you know that I use a Windows Phone? There's a newish Domino's app for Windows Phone that is pretty good but also it tricked me into ordering a Domino's pizza when it came out, so I'm sort of holding a grudge. Here are some Android apps I haven't ordered a pizza from (yet).



Some time in the not too distant future, in an alternate timeline, humanity will collectively decide that it's a good idea to keep its webcams on at all times so that you can always be in touch with the people you need to be in touch with. It's like chat, but REALER, and always on and it'll be great, guys. HELL NO IT WON'T, THOUGH. The whole reason you move away from home is so that your little sister can't barge into your room and catch you singing the chef's song in The Little Mermaid in your boxers. And you want to make that PERPETUAL? Nope, be glad that our reality just got a Skype refresh for Android instead.


The upside of the hellish webcam future is that something like that requires a bitchin' infrastructure, meaning peripheral benefits will trickle down to everyone downloading petabytes of anime at a time. So, good news for Mega? Earth Prime's Mega app for Android sorta sucks compared to that, but still, no dystopian communication network to deal with, so call it a push.



That alternate universe doesn't really make any sense. Hey, by the way, if you pay for cable or satellite, you can watch free network TV for free on the ABC app that just came to Google Play on your tablet instead of on your TV, which you're paying for cable for. Which is nice?


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