The Best Extensions for Safari in iOS 8

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When Apple unleashed iOS 8 on the world, it didn't exactly break down the boundaries of its walled garden—but it did put in one or two windows. Apps can now share with each other more easily, and there's improved integration for third-party tools in Safari thanks to the new extension support. Here are 8 of the best compatible apps currently available, and what they can do for you.


If you can't see these options after installing the app in question, tap the More button in Safari's Share dialog to activate it.

Translate pages with Bing

Install the Bing app on your iDevice and you'll find a new Bing Translator option in the Activities list in Safari's Share dialog. A single tap translates the current page into English with the minimum of fuss.

Save pages with Instapaper or Pocket

Both of these read-it-later services are very good, so we're not going to choose between them—once you have the relevant app installed, then the option to save pages to it appears in the Share dialog.

Keep a diary with Day One

Day One is perhaps the slickest and most appealing journal app out there and it now has iOS 8 extension support. Open up the Share dialog in Safari and you can send links straight to your diary.


Manage passwords with LastPass

When you're presented with a login page on the Web you can tap the LastPass button in the Share dialog to bring up your credentials in a tap. It supports Touch ID too for an extra layer of security.


Take notes with Evernote

From Android Wear to BlackBerries, Evernote is everywhere—including the Safari Share window. As you might expect, tapping the Evernote button lets you save links to one of your notebooks.


View HTML code with View Source

If you need to get at the code underpinning a particular website, give the View Source app a go—it lets you view the HTML, JavaScript and CSS behind a page and includes automatic syntax highlighting.


Get things done with Wunderlist

Wunderlist adds itself as an activity in the Safari Share dialog, enabling you to send website links to one of your to do lists. You can edit the title and the description at the same time.


Blog with Tumblr

See a link that would look great on your Tumblr site? If you have the iOS app installed then you can tap the Tumblr icon in the Share dialog to create a link post for publishing now or adding to your queue.