Samsung has more smartwatches than most shady trenchcoat salesmen out there, and they’re going to add yet another one to the mix. We already know that the next Gear will be the first circular face for Samsung, but a newly released SDK gives an even closer look at the watch’s Tizen apps and a totally cool bezel that rotates.

Like anything Samsung, the watch will probably be equipped with every possible sensor imaginable: an accelerometer, gyrosensor, heart-rate monitor, pressure sensor, and magnetic sensor, according to SamMobile. Another Samsung-ism is pixel-packed displays, and the new Gear may have everyone beat in those regards with a 360x360 (305 ppi) circular display, the highest resolution of any smartwatch out there.

Our clearest look at the new Galaxy Gear (with crown power button included!)

But arguably the coolest feature Samsung confirmed with its released SDK is a rotating bezel that can interact with various apps in different ways. Example A: Need to get through your apps quick and easy? Just turn left and right and they’ll scroll accordingly (as this image demonstrates):


Example B: Got a cool picture from your best friend and want to see all the details? Other than just not looking at a photo on your watch (preferred method), you can also rotate the bezel to zoom in to the photo. Neat!

Example C: Also this fucking tedious keyboard!


Ok so maybe some of these ideas are a little hit or miss, but if app developers really embrace the concept, you could come up with some pretty cool ideas. DJ app on your wrist, maybe?

Samsung has yet to publicly announce the new Gear, though it’s certainly done its fair share of rumor-mongering. It probably won’t be long now until we get the full reveal and need to add another watch to our growing Bests collection.

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