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The Best New Camera

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It's beautiful, simple to use, and elegant. And the Fuji X-Pro1 is rightly going to end up in a lot of camera bags when it hits the streets.


What impressed us the most was just how easy the this gorgeous mirrorless camera is to use. Aperture is controlled by a ring around the lens. Shutter speed is controlled by a dial on the top of camera. If want the camera to automatically control these features? Just set them to "A." Simplicity itself.


A hybrid viewfinder lets you toggle back and forth between the viewfinder and the rear display. Perfect for taking overhead shots. All the camera's display options are visible in both the back display and in the viewfinder, so you don't have to pull the camera away from your eye while adjusting settings. Our only beef with the X-Pro1 might be that the autofocus won't be as snappy as we'd like. If you're used to a nice point-and-shoot or DSLR's speedy autofocus, this could be frustrating. But hey, beauty always comes at a price.

Oh, speaking of which: X-Pro1 should be ready at the end of February for around (*gulp!*) $2400. [Fuji]

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I can't for DSLR's to start shedding the mirror shutter. Increased FPS, and reduced size. It's going to be awesome.