The Best Thing About This Joker Action Figure Is The Box

I mean sure, Medicom's new Dark Knight Joker is a wonderful little toy in and of itself - but even with that, it's the spot-on packaging really sells it.

The latest in Medicom's MAFEX line sees Heath Ledger's Joker get the 1/12th scale treatment, and he translates pretty well to the size - both headsculpts, one neutral and one grinning maniacally, aren't quite there in terms of the likeness, but they're close enough and relatively well done for a 6-inch figure. If anything, the slight off-look almost works to help the Joker look even weirder.


As well as the alternate face, Joker comes with a variety of accessories befitting the clown prince of crime. As well as the expected cavalcade of extra hands, he gets an RPG, a switch blade, a pistol and a submachine gun, and a hand of cards to flourish around as he is wont to do.

But you're not here for the teeny-weeny little Heath Ledger to put on your desk. No, dear reader, you're here for a box.


I mean, I'm not usually one for keeping figures in boxes - I like posing and displaying figures, and watching Toy Story and Toy Story 2 as a young child forever scarred me in such a way that I could never bring myself to do it - but I'd be seriously tempted to keep this lovely box. Taking the otherwise hum-drum Dark Knight packaging and 'Jokering' it up all over is a brilliant idea and injects a huge chunk of personality into what would be otherwise a bland bit of cardboard. Sure, 'Why So Serious' is played out to the point of annoyance at this point, but I love the idea of the Joker scribbling cartoony faces over Batman on the box. I mean, it is his figure, why should he share the spotlight with the caped crusader?

The MAFEX Joker is available now in Japan, but if you want to wait to ship it from inside the US, Big Bad Toy Store currently have it for an April release at $45.


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