The Best Travel Companion Since Sleeping Pills

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We might have been divided on the useful merits of the original HoodiePillow, but this updated travel version strikes a perfect balance between portability, comfort, and its ability to block out all distractions.


Like the original, the Travel HoodiePillow is basically just the hood from a hoodie attached to a soft cushion. But in this case the whole far outweighs the sum of its parts, since besides providing a comfy place to rest your head when you can't lay down, you can also draw the hood closed for modicum of privacy. It's no cone of silence, that's for sure, but for just $20 you can't ask for a better travel companion. [HoodiePillow via The Green Head]


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Seems a bit cumbersome to carry reason I've never really warmed up to the regular travel pillow either. I prefer to have all my 'in-flight' type junk (eg. book, headphones, mp3 player, etc) in my pockets as opposed to a carry-on. IMO an actual hoodie, probably zip-up, with an integrated pillow would be much better - and probably with an inflatable pillow rather than a permanent one so you don't have to walk around with that ridiculous bulge all day. I think I might just see a new business venture in my future...