The biggest Maersk Lego set back in stock on

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The Maersk Line Triple-E (10241) has been one of the hardest to get sets since its release in earlier this year. Constantly out of stock and on back-order, this 1518 piece set was obviously a very limited run. It is currently back in stock on for $149.99 (limit 2).


This set is one of the nicest Lego display pieces I own. I will warn, it is sort of a pain in the ass to build it. Putting the actual boat portion of the biggest ship on the planet together is really fun. The issue starts with the amount of duplication in constructing the container bundles and the insane number of stickers; Each of the Maersk logos on the sides of those 2x4 bricks is an individual sticker.

I do recommend purchasing the thing because it is quite nice once it is complete and a really great display piece (it is on a bookshelf in my living room). These Maersk sets are a super rare thing to come along and this one is most certainly going to be retiring very soon.

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How can you call some part of building this a pain?
If you "love" building Lego, I'm not sure you understand love or building Lego. When you love something, you don't just love the exciting and fun parts, you love the boring parts just as much. People who truly love building Lego spend their lives enjoying the tedious little bits as well as the big flashy end result. You don't love building Lego, you're looking at its butt when it walks away.