The Bike to Destroy All Bikes

It's a monster! It's a bike! It's monsterbike! And it can destroy any bicycles that it encounters. And most cars too. [LikeCool]


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Joke # 1: "On your left.. I mean, uuh, on anything I want!"

Joke # 2: I see he's kept it light by not painting it. Paint weighs, man.

Joke # 3: Damn bike messengers. Zipping around the city with no regard for traffic laws.

Joke # 4: Does it come with a carbon frame? I'm willing to pay for performance.

Joke # 5: Some people will do anything to avoid pinch flats.

Joke # 6: Hey, no suspension! Very retro!

Joke # 7: Still makes more sense than the old Trek URT bikes. BAH hah hah!

Joke # 8: That head tube angle looks pretty steep. It may be a little twitchy at speed.

Joke # 9: Front tire pressure is, umm, let's see... what's the weather report say?

Joke # 10: "Smithers, bring me my riding spectacles and my steampunk tractor tire. I feel like a toddle around town."