The Bone-Chilling Sound of the Planets Won't Let You Sleep Tonight

In space, nobody can hear you sing Dancing Queen when you are in the shower. But if you listen closely, you can hear the planets making noises. Noises so scary that make me want to move to another solar system.

But then again, that will be full of spooky planets too, emitting the same blood-curdling sounds. This music was recorded by Voyager I and II as they crossed paths with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. They weren't captured with a microphone: Audible sound can't travel through space, so Voyager was listening to the electromagnetic waves around the planets and moons. Waves produced by space phenomena, like the planet's magnetospheres interacting with the Sun's radiation.


They were released in the 90s as the "Voyager Recordings - Symphonies of the Planets," but they are not for sale anymore. You can look for them on the internet, however. [How Stuff Works]


Mijael Seidel

It almost sounds made up...ThereĀ“s too much of a "melody" int hose sounds, Are they edited together? or is it raw recording of them? Without sounding like a new age hippie, you could meditate to that on the background... if they are, of course, the real thing.