The Cause of the Great Sidekick Fiasco? “All Signs Point to Sabotage”

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This past week's Sidekick data disaster was so extraordinary, you would think that either T-mobile or Microsoft would issue an explanation. There's one insider who might have the reason why one hasn't come yet: it was an inside job.


An anonymous tipster with seemingly extensive knowledge about the Danger/Pink team has this to say to Apple Insider as to what caused the massive data outage:

...someone with access to the servers at the datacenter must have inserted a time bomb to wipe out not just all of the data, but also all of the backup tapes, and finally, I suspect, reformatting the server hard drives so that the service itself could not be restarted with a simple reboot (and to erase any traces of the time bomb itself)... If this was an ordinary sort of failure, the service would have come back within a day, so once again, all signs point to sabotage.

After all the reports we've been hearing about the troubled state of the Danger/Pink team, it's certainly plausible that there are more than a few disgruntled employees who could cause such a catastrophic failure. Whether or not anyone would is another question, but this whole thing is so waaaay out of the ordinary, I'm willing to believe it. [Apple Insider via Fast Company]



ahuh? erased backup tapes? and how exactly could that happen?

as far as i know, backup tapes are to be kept off site once backup is complete. Or at least off the contact of any server or machine until the time it is actually really needed.

So how exactly could a backup tape get erased? I've been learning servers and doing my own experimental shit about servers and I've never heard of backup tapes getting erased, until now. And, as far as I know, only a few uses backup tapes these days. They moved to a more revolutionary method called "server mirroring" and uses a more robust system of backups through an off-site server system where backups are stored (and that deletion can only be performed if done within the backup facility, and can not be executed from a remote server).

So I wonder how this saboteur actually performed the trick? I simply can't imagine how stupid the server have been setup for this to happen.