The Civil Wars: 20 Years

CGI may be the wave of the future, capable of crossing the uncanny valley and generating photo-real imagery, but it's a cold visual medium. For as closely as digital drawing tablets dutifully replicate the action of drawing, it cannot match the effect of physically crafting—it's an inherent technological disconnect between the artist and the art, like asking Michelangelo to re-carve David using a DaVinci-bot.


Take 20 Years, the new video by The Civil Wars, for example. Sure they could have used CGI to recreate the look and feel of papercraft and been done in a fraction of the time as it took a small army of production assistants at Mr. WH to do it by hand. But it's precisely because these people took the time and effort to actually create the scenes that the visuals are so impressive and lend a far greater sense of weight to the song's story line.


20 Years is available on the band's sophomore album, Barton Hollow, at Amazon.

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Regardless of the medium, all art is but a poor reflection of reality.