The Cloverfield Monster - In Space!

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Click to view You may have noticed that the trailer for the new Star Trek movie has a monster in it that looks suspiciously like the space cousin of Clovie from Cloverfield. No surprise there, since JJ Abrams produced Cloverfield and is director of Star Trek. But are they separated at birth or just vaguely similar? We break it down for you.

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One of the main characteristics of Clovie was his dangly leg action, with those giant freaky backwards joints propelling him everywhere. Star Trek monster, known familiarly as Trekmon, has bizarre legs that appear to have joints over its head. Trekmon's mouth is also remarkably similar to Clovie's. It has both the vertical shape and spike-shaped teeth that made Clovie's chompers so dorky-dangerous. Not only do we find legular and mouthular similarities between the two kaiju, but they also share a pallor. Both have hairless skin that looks sort of pale and pinkish. I think Trekmon is pretty much Clovie's galactic relative. Of course, when Trekmon opens its mega-mouth, it looks a bit more like Hostie from The Host. Thanks, Avery "Master Kaiju Wrangler" Guerra!



I thought Trekmon looked a lot like these things from Lost Planet...


Maybe it's just the snowy setting