The Console Wars: 2007 Update

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We don't keep you updated with every Wii sold like our friends at Kotaku, but the NPD's 2007 sales numbers have been released, so we thought that the occasion merited a rundown to fuel your fanboy flame wars. Here are the total consoles sold in the United States during 2007:

Nintendo DS - 8,500,000

Wii - 6,290,000

Xbox 360 - 4,620,000

PlayStation 2 - 3,970,000

PSP - 3,820,000

PlayStation 3 - 2,560,000


So what about the total cumulative US sales numbers to date? Those numbers paint a slightly different picture:

PlayStation 2 - 41,120,000 Nintendo DS - 17,650,000 PSP - 10,470,000 Xbox 360 - 9,150,000 Wii - 7,380,000 PlayStation 3 - 3,250,000


Our reaction: it's so easy to underestimate the success of the PSP hardware (and it's currently selling like hotcakes in Japan). [kotaku]

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Clearly I need to pick up a DS. I am robbin' the kids piggy banks.