The Coolest Dark Knight Returns Batman Toy Just Got Even Cooler

Mezco’s 6.5” tall Dark Knight Returns Batman figure is already one of the best ever renditions of the Batman in figure form. But as a special bonus for San Diego Comic Con, the figure is getting a great upgrade that just makes it all the more fantastic.

Mezo’s convention exclusive at SDCC ‘15 is an awesome recreation of the fight between Batman and the Mutant leader in the Gotham Junkyard. The Mutant Leader — who I think easily holds the title for “most mystifyingly detailed nipples on an action figure” — comes with an alternate set of hands and fists to grip a crowbar as well as a moulded accessory recreating Batman’s Knock Out foam that fits over his face.


The Batman in the set is a “battle damaged variant”, complete with bloodied gauntlets, a banged up cowl and face, and a raggedy, dirty version of his batsuit to boot. Poor Bats has seen better days.

But even then, the remarkable tailor work on the figure stands out all the more with the slashes and rips masterfully added. Cloth on a figure at any scale is a nightmare — and more often than not it looks far too bulky. But the tailoring on both these figures is incredible (the Mutant Leader perhaps doubly so for the use of Leather material in his trousers), and the fabric fits perfectly, without inhibiting movement. It makes an already good looking figure look even better.


Not content with merely slugging it out on your shelf or desk, the figures also come with a Gotham Junkyard base for you to pose them in, which is pretty nifty. The Dark Knight Returns boxset will be available at SDCC and online after the show (preorders for online sale will go live at some point tomorrow) in limited quantities, for $150.

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