ACGHK 2015 took place over the weekend, and the best and brightest of the Asian Toy scene were out in full force, showing off their coolest products and teasing some new ones. Here’s the very best of what’s was on the show floor in Hong Kong!

Hot Toys had plenty of their already-announced new figures on display, but there were some new ones, too: The Age of Ultron collection finally rounded out with Quicksilver. Image Credit: Hot Toys

While a Winter Soldier version of Nick Fury and an Avengers-era Maria Hill sneak into this lineup. Image Credit: Hot Toys

The Guardians of the Galaxy line gets completed with Drax! Image Credit: Hot Toys

And Ant-Man gets a Yellowjacket to square off against... Image Credit: Hot Toys

... as well as a teeny weeny model of Ant-Man riding an Ant into battle. Image Credit: Hot Toys

It wasn’t all Marvel though. A trio of Batmen were on hand, including the previously-announced Arkham City Batman, the Bruce Wayne/Batman two pack from Batman Returns, and a new version of the Adam West Batman. You’ll notice he has extra hands to do the Batusi, making this the greatest Batman figure ever committed to plastic. Image Credit: Hot Toys

The highlight of Hot Toys booth however was the much-ballyhooed 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon. This remarkable hunk of junk is a whopping 18 by 12 feet! Image Credit: Hot Toys

You can see more pictures of it here, but it even managed to impress Lord Vader and a few pals. Image Credit: Hot Toys

Marvel and Star Wars also dominated Beast Kingdom’s display, with new prototypes of their chibified Age of Ultron statues. Image Credit: Beast Kingdom

And adorably cute Stormtrooper, Droid and Vader additions to their burgeoning articulated action figure line of chibi designs. Image Credit: Beast Kingdom

Herocross have taken the Bay-verse Optimus Prime and made it look cute! Amazing. Image Credit: Nonsolohobby

While Comicave had a pretty nifty Bumblebee on display. Image Credit: Nonsolohobby

3A’s completely ridiculous 1/12 scale Atlas mech from Titanfall. Image Credit: Nonsolohobby

Sideshow brought their massive Godzilla statue, based on the design from the recent film. Image Credit: Nonsolohobby

As well as their rather lovely Jim Raynor, from Blizzard’s Starcraft series. This is, indeed, Jimmy. Image Credit: Nonsolohobby

Bandai were on the floor with a ginormous recreation of the Gundam RX-78-2 Mark 2. Image Credit: Nonsolohobby

Finally, Momot Toyz had a big display of their Star Wars papercraft models recreating scenes from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Image Credit: Nonsolohobby


Want to see more pictures? Check them out over at Hot Toys, Nonsolohobby and Beast Kingdom.

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