The Craziest Jeans Company Is Making Camo Denim, Bumpy Denim, Jeans that Marbleize and More

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The most daring denim company in the world, Naked and Famous, is back at it again. Not satisfied with just making jeans glow in the dark or scratch-n-sniff> or pans that feel like silk and hemp and gauze, Naked and Famous is making jeans with camo, jeans that marbleize, corduroys that act like denim, more glow in the dark gear and other wacky denim.


Camo Jeans

I think camo gear is supposed to, like, camouflage you but these pants just scream look at me, look at me. The camo is printed on both sides of the jeans so when you roll 'em up, it shows off a different pattern. $175


Irregular, Bumpy Denim

The 18oz selvedge denim is purposefully bumpy and irregularly textured because the machine that stitches em together is put at a lower setting "to create more loom chatter". When the jeans fade, it actually turns into something from the 80's.


Dirty Fade Denim

The yarn in these selvedge jeans are actually core dyed beige and then rope-dyed indigo so after time when the jeans are worn longer, the fade looks more beige, hence more dirty looking.


Corduroy Jeans

Now this is pretty neat, the pants are corduroys but they fade like regular jeans because of the indigo. Cords that wear like jeans!


There's actually a ton more options from Naked and Famous, from their popular red core selvedge and glow in the dark denim to what sounds really awesome like Soft Raw Selvedge, jeans that are less abrasive than typical raw denim, and Denim that marbleizes when it fades and even jeans made from double woven sashiko fabric normally used to make judo and kendo uniforms. Yeah. You got to love the crazy at Naked and Famous. [Naked and Famous Denim]