The Craziest Low Pass Flyby I've Ever Seen (Updated)

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A Spanish pilot friend of mine sends me this stunning video of a low pass flyby in Argentina. I just can't believe the mad man who was flying this jet got it so close to the ground. Watch:

The airplane is an FMA IA 63, an Argentinian trainer jet that can also fight in combat. I don't know what speed he is pushing, but this 31-foot wingspan bird can reach 442 knots (509mph, 819km/h) at almost 23,000 feet. One thing is for sure: By the looks of it, it can't be flying much higher than one meter from the ground at the lowest point.


Eat your heart out, Maverick. [Thanks Jorge!]

Update: Here's a another view, from reader Richie Beaumont. [Thanks Richie!]

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Anti-Star Super-Christ

I'm pretty sure there would be no generated lift at an altitude of 12 fucking inches going that fast...

I call bullshit.