The Daily Show Stole Our Stolen Joke About Hoverboards

Illustration for article titled iThe Daily Show /iStole Our Stolen Joke About Hoverboards

Last night, Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams said something that we’ve been screaming for weeks. Those two-wheeled contraptions are definitely not hoverboards. Mainly because they do not hover.

The technology that makes them appear to hover is also allegedly stolen, just like The Daily Show joke that we probably stole from someone else. But hey, who gives a shit. We live in an innovation economy founded on stolen ideas. Every great idea is stolen, said Steve Jobs once. Or something like that.


Stolen concept or not, true hoverboards should hover. You might as well call them “swagways” or something.

Oh, wait, somebody’s already doing that.

[Daily Show via Digg]

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I heard they bought the joke from some guy who found it in a bar...