The Definitive List of Words Google Thinks Are Naughty

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The new Google Instant tries to guess what you're searching for while you type. But not if it thinks your search is dirty. Some enterprising people have compiled an exhaustive list of words and phrases Google Instant won't auto-search for.


For all these, you have to actually press "enter" to get any results. This will protect children, or something. Blacklisted phrases include the obvious:

  • "nipples"
  • "milf"
  • "naked"
  • "motherfucker"
  • "pamela anderson"
  • "pissing"
  • "porn"
  • "spic"
  • "titties"
  • "white power"

The possibly-innocuous:

  • "dirty pillows"
  • "get my sister"
  • "hairy"
  • "licked"
  • "nude"
  • "seduced"
  • "submissive"
  • "tushy"

And the downright-confusing:

  • "women rapping"
  • "style doggy"
  • "servitude"
  • "nimphomania (sic)"
  • "leather straight jacket"
  • "hedop"
  • "new pornographers"
  • "[anything] is evil"

Plus many more! Does your favorite sexual fixation/racial epithet make the blacklist? See the whole thing at [via Boing Boing]

[Picture of A.C. Newman, lead singer of the not-obscene-at-all indie rock band the New Pornographers, from Dani Canto's Flickr]


Ok. Saw the whole list. As a gay man, I thought I'd know more but wtf are the following:

brown showers

donkey punch


jacobs ladder piercing




philip kindred dick

rule 34

I feel like the Japanese have this kink stuff down beyond what any other nation can think of.