The Directors of Swiss Army Man Are Making a Scifi Movie

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And you’ve probably heard of the producers, too.

Deadline reports that the Daniels, aka Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan, have just signed with a company led by Joe and Anthony Russo (you know, those Marvel directors who made a Civil War and now are doing an Infinity War) to make their next movie. It’s a science fiction film and that’s all anyone knows about it besides “it’s said to be as original as Swiss Army Man,” which was the Daniels’ first film.

That film, in case you didn’t see it, is about a man stranded on an island who finds a dead body. He then befriends the dead body as a way of keeping his sanity but, as the film goes on, that becomes less and less the focus. It’s a brilliant, weird, hilarious film that made anyone who watched it eagerly anticipate whatever the Daniels do next. Add to that some mentorship from the Russos and it’s hard not to get excited for whatever they have in store.