The Earthquake Cracked the Washington Monument

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America's most prized and famous phallic architectural achievement was indeed damaged by yesterday's quake. It's not leaning, but a helicopter inspection revealed something else: broken stones. The obelisk is now shut down indefinitely, Politico reports.


National Park officials say the structural damage was found "at the very, very top," so it's unlikely the tower itself is in any sort of foundational trouble. Crews will begin devising a repair plan tomorrow, but both the monument and a 100-foot radius around it are closed to the public. Which is probably a good idea—those giant chunks of rock tend to hurt if they come crashing 555-feet down. [Politico and CNN, Thanks Rosa!]

Photo by Ed Schipul


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I heard that the tower does not have any mortar or anything to hold the big blocks of granite in place but relies solely on gravity. Does anyone know if this is true?