A lot happens in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, all of it dutifully overseen by a wheelchair-bound photographer from a single spot. But to take in absolutely everything that Jimmy Stewart's character does in the course of the film, you need to see this time lapse, which stitches together an entire panorama from that single vantage point.

Put together by Jeff Desom, it shows everything that happens during the film in chronological order. The reason it was possible—and still looks so good—is because pretty much the entire movie was shot from the same angle, so the processing was, relatively speaking, straightforward.


That's not to say it was easy, though, and in fact it must have taken days to get right. The end result, however, is mesmerizing—so it's worth a watch even if you're not a massive fan of the movie. [Jeff Desom via MetaFilter via Neatorama]