The Expanse Drops an Incredible Season 5 Trailer Ahead of Its December Premiere

James Holden (Steven Strait) definitely has that “time for another crusade” look about him.
James Holden (Steven Strait) definitely has that “time for another crusade” look about him.
Image: Amazon Studios

In December, it will have been a year since Amazon’s sci-fi sensation The Expanse released its fourth season. In the meantime, we’ve gotten book news, comic book news, and “ugh, NO!” news about the franchise, but precious little about season five. Until today’s New York Comic Con panel, that is!


First up, an action- and drama-packed trailer, which checks in with all the main characters and teases tons of excitement: Amos’ soul-searching journey back to Earth; Naomi’s quest to track down her long-lost son; Bobbie unraveling that Martian weapons conspiracy; Drummer being a badass per usual; and a brewing war between Marco Inaros’ united Belt factions and...everyone else in the system, though he’s likely never faced a foe quite like Chrisjen Avasarala before. Feast your eyes!

Never sorry to see Fred Johnson popping up with some sage advice, though you can’t imagine James Holden is going to try and stop saving humanity anytime soon.

And we didn’t just get a trailer today. At last, a premiere date was confirmed—as well as an important update for fans who weren’t entirely onboard with season four’s binge drop. The first three episodes of the 10-episode fifth season will arrive on Amazon December 16, with new episodes popping up each Wednesday until the season finale on February 3.

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