The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Trailer Wins the Super Bowl

Just bros bro-ing about.
Just bros bro-ing about.
Screenshot: Disney

I don’t know from sports, but I know my supes, and as far as I’m concerned, the Super Bowl was between the New York City Falcons and the Brooklyn Bucky-neers. They both won and so did we.


In a new spot aired during the Super Bowl, we got a new look at the upcoming Disney+ show starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, and co-starring Daniel Brühl, Wyatt Russell, and Emily VanCamp (hopefully this show will do Sharon Carter at least mildly less dirty than the movies—Peggy’s niece deserves better).

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier drops, at last, on Disney+ March 19.

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So you’re telling me I’m getting 8/9 episodes of Bucky and Sam sniping at each other, brutal fight scenes and over the top action?! It’s not even my birthday!