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FCC Is Moving Forward With Its Horrible Plan for an Internet Fast Lane

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The FCC voted in favor of widely criticized (read: loathed) net neutrality rules that will allow fast lanes. Now, the floor is open for public comment before the commission formally adopts the rules later this year. But you might as well start the conversation here.

It should be made very clear that the proposed net neutrality rules are not yet in place, and the plan that's being peddled by FCC commissioner and former telecom lobbyist Tom Wheeler is still just a plan. It is, however, a horrible plan that's worth hating. Even one of the commissioner's elderly mother called to complain ahead of Thursday's meeting.


Wheeler made a point in the meeting that the rules don't authorize fast lanes, but the point is that they don't ban them either, which means some internet companies could trade money for better service. In fact they almost certainly will, and that could destroy the internet as we know it today.


Whether or not language that prevents that gets added is up to the public, a.k.a. you. All the contact information you need to tell Wheeler and the other commissioners what you think about the rules can be found right here.

So what do you think about the rules? No, really, be very honest. Because if you don't speak up now, the free and open internet as we know it could be over.