The First Instagram From Space Is Of An Astronaut In A Firefly T-Shirt

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Last week, NASA astronaut Steve Swanson sent the first Instagram from space. It was a selfie, naturally, taken before the ISS cupola. But what caught our eye wasn't Swanson's handsome mug or the view of Earth. It was Swanson's shirt, which features a familiar spacecraft and the words: "Shipping & Logistics: Everything's Shiny."

This isn't Swanson's first turn as a Browncoat in low Earth orbit. During his first ISS mission in 2007, he brought with him Firefly and Serenity DVDs and left them aboard, a contribution to the space station's library.


Follow the brand new ISS Instagram feed here.

The shirt's pattern was created by designer Bora Markovic. You can pick one up for yourself here.


H/t Universe Today.