The first look at Rebecca Sugar's amazing new cartoon Steven Universe

Since Cartoon Network killed all the videos of the pilot, we're proud to present the first official look at Stephen Universe! It's about a young boy who's the most awkward member of a gem-based, Sailor Moon-esque superheroine team — but remains undeterred in his desire to help save the universe.


The show, created by Rebecca Sugar, will debut this fall. You may know Sugar as the writer and storyboard artist of the best Adventure Time episodes, including "I Remember You" and "Simon & Marcy." That, by itself, is more than enough to have us completely excited for Steven Universe. Well, that and the Dog-Nut.


Corpore Metal

My ma, 71, watches Adventure Time all the time now and loves it. So I assume Stephen Universe has the same appreciate it on many levels, Rocky and Bullwinkle, watch it with your six year old without going insane with boredom or twee, kick going on about it?

I mean the veiled hotdog and three donuts thing is a bit risque, right? I mean, come on, Stephen is like 10 or maybe 12 at the ouside!