The First USB-C Car Charger Also Throws In a Backup Battery

Now that many laptops and smartphones can be charged with the same USB Type-C cable, it makes sense to have those fancy new ports everywhere. And with Nomad’s new Roadtrip, any vehicle with a 12-volt car socket can be modernized with a USB Type-C power source of its own.


The car charger hasn’t forgotten about your older devices, though, so don’t worry. On the underside you’ll find a traditional USB Type-A port for connecting your other charging cables and devices too.

With a price tag of $40 if you pre-order now ($60 after October 15) the Roadtrip is still more expensive than most other car chargers, but that’s because it’s also hiding a 3,000 mAh battery inside for those times when your devices need a top-off, but you don’t want to leave the car running. The battery takes about two hours to charge, but the Roadtrip will always ensure a connected device gets power first before topping itself off. So move over spare tire, this is now the most important accessory you can have in your car.



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