The Flash

Ben Affleck’s Batman (or at least, his stunt double) mounts the infamous Batcycle in new photos from the set of The Flash. Head over to /Film for more.



Bloody-Disgusting has a painted poster of Noomi Rapace in Lamb.

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Photo: A24

Horror Noire

Shudder has released a teaser for its upcoming horror anthology film, Horror Noire.

No Time to Die

A TV spot promises No Time to Die will finally see a theatrical release this October. But no. For real this time. They swear! They swear!!!

The Suicide Squad

Meanwhile, James Gunn admits he enjoys playing god in a new The Suicide Squad featurette — “I’m definitely having fun with who’s gonna live and who’s gonna die!”


Deadline reports Nick Creegan has joined the cast of Batwoman as Marquis Jet, “a sexy playboy who grew up in a lavish lifestyle” who’s “too charming for his own good— and wields his power with a ne’er do well attitude.” Jet “views life as one big joke and that sense of recklessness has a tendency to clash horribly with his no-nonsense mother, Jada Jet. When he meets Ryan (Javicia Leslie), he sees in her a like-minded young go-getter who like him is just waiting for the right opportunity to make his mark on Gotham.”


Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes

A woman gains superhuman abilities after waking up moments before her own autopsy in the trailer for Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes—Netflix’s latest acquisition from Norway.


Finally, Archie and friends become vigilantes (again), and Josie returns, when Riverdale begins airing once more on August 11.

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