The Fluffy Is Dyson's Answer To Dusty, Dirty Hardwood Floors

Looking like those soft rollers you use to quickly paint walls, Dyson's latest lightweight vacuum is appropriately called the Fluffy and is designed to tackle dust and dirt on hardwood floors without leaving a trail of scratch and scrape marks behind it.


Powered by the same compact motor and high-power suction guts you'll find in other compact Dyson vacuums, the Fluffy—less adorably known as the DC74—manages to differentiate itself with the aforementioned large roller in its cleaning head that's designed to deal with fine dust particles as well as larger bits of food and trash at the same time. Tiny microfiber bristles sweep everything into the path of suction, while the softer parts pick up dust before sending it all into the collection canister.

Available soon in Japan starting at $740, there's no word on whether or not the Fluffy will be made available elsewhere in the world. But given hardwood floors aren't by any means a Japanese-exclusive, hopefully Dyson will eventually start selling the DC74 in other markets too, as it will certainly appeal to both apartment and log cabin-dwellers alike. [Dyson Japan]

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