So you're at the park, and you want to impress the sunbathing supermodels lying there, watching with gaping mouths as you prepare to launch your football into the air. But your spiral—it sucks. A geekier football might help.

Yes, believe it or not, adding a bunch of sensors and a smartphone to the equation might be what stands between you and a blitz-worthy throw. The prototype Nerf football seen above has special guts—a six-axis sensor, implanted after the ball was sawed open, that beams its data via Bluetooth to a nearby Android phone. From there, you can see what, with almost too much detail, was wrong with that wobbly pass. It's a bit unclear how you'll then apply the data to improving your clunky chuck into a laser beam, but at least you'll have plenty of data to illustrate how and why you're awful. [Ben Kokes]