The Ghost Flights Are Real, and They're on Flight Attendant TikTok

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Airlines are falling on hard times: they’re facing travel restrictions, canceling thousands of flights, contending with swarms of panicked customers, and running costly ghost flights lest they lose their slots to other airlines. In the face of imminent catastrophe, an assortment of cool-headed flight attendants are broadcasting their eerie travels on TikTok to chill tracks.


For the record, flight attendant TikTok is an absolute ball: a crew of rambunctious adults who tolerate our insolence and dance for the people and tell us their tales and relatably don’t wanna go to work even though they secretly LOVE it.

Flight attendants have a tough road ahead. Delta and United have already instated hiring freezes, and flight attendants are expressing concerns about job security. Send some solidarity likes their way.


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Back in the day Eastern Airlines operated hourly shuttle service between LaGuardia, Newark, Boston and DC. They were real airplanes too, including Super Constellations. At first no tickets, reservations or boarding passes were needed; you just got on the plane, picked a seat and paid the stewardess. They guaranteed each passenger a seat, and rolled out a spare plane and crew when it was needed. On one memorable occasion the overflow aircraft flew with only a single passenger.