The Gold Apple Watch Costs at Least as Much as 100 Pebble Smartwatches

There's been plenty of speculative chatter over just how much the fanciest of smartwatches—the gold Apple Watch Edition—will cost. And it's finally official: this little gadget will set you back at least $10,000. Jesus christ.


We've known a gold Watch was coming since Apple first announced its smartwatch lineup, and pricing has been cited as potentially being all over the place, but $10,000 is definitely towards the higher end of what anyone thought possible. And that's just the starting price. Tim Cook didn't even mention on stage where the higher end of the Apple Watch Edition caps off, but according to Apple's website, the most expensive option hits $17,000.

Of course, nice watches can easily exceed that much, but nice analog watches also don't require constant, glitchy software updates and don't get replaced every year by a new model. But hey, if you've got insane amounts of money to spend, go for it I guess? Or just buy 100 Pebbles. Both options are equally logical.

Image by Michael Hession

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