The Goldfish Hearing Aid

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I was in a hallway with two young ladies once. We smiled and chatted and stuff as we walked. In front of their apartment, one of them asked me something that I didn't understand. It sounded like "Wannakwam mwin". I said "Sorry?" "Mwahnnakwam mwin?" Not wanting to look like a tard, I just smiled and said "Yeah..."

Then, after a brief silence, "Ok, well, bye now!" They looked at each other funny, and said bye akwardly. As I was walking to my place, it hit me like a ton of bricks: they had said "Wanna come in?" And like an idiot, I said yes... and then walked off! Shame like this has no name.


Now, I'm not deaf or anything, but whenever the Goldfish hearing aid comes to market, I will be the first one to buy it. Part of the recent "Hearwear - The Future of Hearing" exhibition, it's an in-ear device that replays the last ten seconds of conversation for you, in case you missed it. It's inspired by the Goldfish's reputedly very short, short-memory span, though if you ask me, it should have been named The David... after me. -DP

The Goldfish Hearing Aid [Humanbeans via Core77]

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