The Great Nerf Guns of 2012

Will we ever feel too old to love Nerf guns? No, I doubt it. What about Super Soakers? Oh hush, of course not. Shooting things with toy guns is an intrinsic human joy. Here's what you'll be firing this year.


The Dart Tag system gets an upgraded electric automatic pistol, and you'll be able to slap a giant (heavy!) ammo drum into your Super Soaker for precious extra minutes of spraying and screaming.

The familiar old Nerf guns? Now they'll fire glow in the dark bullets, charged by a built-in LED. Want to toss the ol' ball around in the dark? Firevision equipment glows when you look at it—and works much better in person than you can tell from this video. Just hope your LED glasses lock on to an incoming football before it hits you in the face one night.

And then, yes, there's the Nerf bicycle—training wheels optional, man. Remember when riding your small bike around the neighborhood was an innocent, smiling affair for kids? Just take that and strap a pistol to the front. Who's innocent now? This was somewhat cool and somewhat disturbing, but maybe I would have enjoyed the notion of rolling gangs of armed children more if I weren't too big to get the bike to move. Look for all of this non-lethal gear to drop in the coming months.


No nerf shoes?