The Greatest Innovation In Squeaky Toddler Shoes Is a Silencer Switch

An easy way to ensure toddlers don’t randomly yank their shoes off is to put a squeaker in there, turning every step into a symphony of fun sounds. Or, at least, fun to the child. To parents it can get annoying real fast, which is why Ikiki was smart enough to put on/off switches in its toddler shoes.


Squeaky shoes are also a great way to keep an eye—or an ear—on your kid when you’re out in public—like a bell around a cow’s neck. But at home you want silence. And that’s as easy as flipping the switch on the sole of these shoes from ‘annoying’ to ‘peace and quiet’. Unfortunately, though, the switch has no control over your child’s own ability to make noise.

Ikiki’s shoes are currently available in six different designs featuring various animals that are popular among the younger set (puppies, pandas, kittens) and will set you back about $30/pair.

If you’re worried about the price, given your toddler probably grows out of things in mere weeks, pediatricians and therapists also believe that squeaky shoes can help kids learn to walk, reinforcing every correct step with sounds. So you’re not just buying your kid stylish footwear, you’re also helping them advance more quickly than their peers—granting you those important bragging rights. [Ikiki]


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