The Guardians Of The Galaxy Get Turned Into Adorable Little Vinyls

The Guardians of the Galaxy are no strangers to the world of cutification, considering they've already transition over to the world of Funko's pop vinyls — but these new vinyl toys take it one step further into turning the gang of snarky (and slightly surly) rogues into heart-cloggingly-cute little things. D'aaw!

The new range of matryoshka-esque little toys by Vinyl Sugar (who you might remember from the Vinyl toys of the Ghostbusters, Back to the Future and Seinfeld casts at New York Toy Fair) is called 'Dorbz', which is almost as exactly saccharine as the product it's naming. I mean, it's also kind of terrible, but who cares when the toys themselves look so nice? The guardians are some of the first in the line to come out, but there'll be more Marvel characters to get cutesyfied down the line. You can see the five Guardians above, but check out the rest (including a masked Starlord) below:


I like that they're just releasing all of them at once, instead of having to wait for the non-main characters. Nebula and Ronan toys for all!


At 3" they stand a little shorter than the Funko Pops, but at least at $9 they're a little cheaper. I like them a bit more, there's something about the happy eyes and smiley face that trumps out the giant black eyes of a Funko Pop boring into your very soul.

The GOTG Dorbz are out in May.

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