The Hobbit Will Play in High Frame Rate at 450 Theaters Across North America

Peter Jackson's version of The Hobbit has been causing a stir, because people expect its high frame rate—48 frames per second, no less—will make it look a bit like a 70s soap opera. At least you'll be able to tell for yourself, because 450 theaters across North America are equipped to show the film at its high frame rate.


The LA Times reports that the 48fps version of The Hobbit will play in more locations than previously expected. The total of 450 screening venues is small relative to the typical 4,000 screens for movies of a similar stature, but Warner Bros. claims that moviegoers in most major and mid-sized cities should be able to find a 48fps showing.

Everyone else will just have to watch it in boring old 24fps, like every other film. At least that way you won't have to read the FAQs, which explain why the high frame rate version looks kinda funny. [LA Times via Verge]

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