The Howard the Duck/Squirrel Girl Crossover Is Already the Best Comic Book Team-Up of 2016

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It’s the year 2015, and the announcement of a crossover between Squirrel Girl and Howard The Duck is big enough news to be unveiled at New York Comic Con. We live in a weird, wonderful time, everyone. We really do.

Unveiled at the con’s “Women of Marvel” panel yesterday, the two-part crossover will play out across each character’s own comic series: beginning in Erica Henderson and Ryan North’s Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #6, before continuing in Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones’ Howard The Duck #6.

No other details were revealed, but check out the amazing cover for the first part of the crossover by Unbeatable Squirrel Girl artist Henderson below, which features Squirrel Girl and Howard cosplaying as each other as they dash through a comic convention.


Please let this whole thing actually take place in a comic convention. Mainly for the sheer joy of it either being a comic convention in the Marvel universe, which is an in intriguing concept in and of itself. That, or somehow Doreen and Howard are actually in our world, running past their own writers and artists on a mission.

This is all so damned delightful, I can’t take it. The Howard the Duck/Unbeatable Squirrel Girl crossover will begin in spring 2016.