The Icon iDo Is an Audiophile-Grade Amp for the iPhone and iPad

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If you want better audio quality from your iPhone or iPad, the Icon iDo is an amp that's supposed to pump out audiophile-grade sound. Just plug in your iOS device to the amp, plug the amp into your stereo system and enjoy the sweet sing songs of tunes.

We can ignore the fact that a real audiophile would probably skip listening to music from an iPhone or iPad altogether but the Icon iDo is supposed to improve your crappy mp3s and imperfect Apple Lossless songs by cleverly extracting the original audio data stored on the iOS device and converting the files on its own for bit-perfect playback. The idea is that music on an iPhone is limited by the iPhone's hardware, the iDo enhances the process. Less compression, less quality loss, better sound.

Alternatively, you could plug headphones into the Icon iDo and the iDo will figure out the optimal level to power your cans to maximizes audio quality. The whole name of the game is to make those little tweaks for delicious eargasm causing music. Sounds good to me. $250 [NuForce]