The Inquisitor

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We definitely weren't expecting the Brooklyn Inquisitor. This camera rig consists of a screen, a microphone/speaker combo, a camera, and a steadicam belt. An interviewer sits at a different location and transmits through the screen and speaker. The result is a vivid and quite cool effect which simulates an in-person interview without creeping the subject out—after all, they're basically looking the interviewer and the camera straight in the eye.

It takes a professional actor to speak naturally to a camera. This is a problem if you are shooting a subject who is not an actor. Not with our system. We have devised a way to capture real people in the way they really talk to a person. All that the subject has to do is to respond naturally to the person's face on screen in real time; the camera directly behind the screen, which is invisible to the subject, captures the subject's natural expression as she looks directly into the camera.

Made in a garage in Brooklyn, there's only one of these in the world and it's apparently being used by VH1 to film ugly people trying to get a date. Sassy.


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