The Insanely Huge Glass Panels at the SoHo Apple Store In NY Are Stunning

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The SoHo Apple Store in New York City has just opened its doors after its recent renovation and Core 77 has noticed something amazing: the stunning new glass panels flanking its stairs. At more than 30 feet long each, these things are impossibly huge and beautiful.


We knew that Apple is obsessed with materials—both for their products and their stores. Glass is one of them—the company is building a store with a storefront and a roof entirely made of glass and it recently rebuilt the cube at the Fifth Avenue store with 32-foot-long panels to make it almost seamless.

The stairs at the Soho store are equally as impressive, if not more. They appear as single glass pieces that zig-zag up to the second level. Unlike the older stairs, which had many sections, these ones are just one—completely seamless. If you look closer, you can see each side is made of five mammoth panels sandwiched into one, but each of them is cut from a single piece. A truly impressive feat. [Core 77]


Jesus Diaz

The thing that amazes me is that not many people will really appreciate the extreme difficulty (and expense) of making this thing. And yet, the designers went on and changed the original setup just because they can now and it's better and more simple. Admirable.